What is Bulk SMS

What is Bulk SMS?

1. Bulk SMS is a service that allows you to send a big number of SMS messages to a huge number of people all at once. This is a fantastic tool to utilise in your business to send SMS messages to your consumers safely, swiftly, and directly throughout the world.

2. Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

3. Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers.

4. Bulk SMS refers to the practise of delivering a huge quantity of SMS to various groups of individuals in various places. They can be used to communicate critical information or to promote a business. SMS has a 97% to 99% open rate and is read within 5 minutes of delivery, making it an extremely successful tool.

What is bulk SMS software?

1. Software is required for sending and receiving bulk messages and various software packages are available. These software packages provide users with the opportunity to add as many phone numbers as required and these phone numbers can be managed in a variety of ways.

2. Most SMS software applications allow the upload of lists of mobile phone numbers using a text file or CSV file.

3. Some sophisticated systems can automatically remove any duplicated numbers and the mobile numbers may be validated prior to sending the messages. With enhanced software features, messages can be scheduled to be sent at specific times and/or days and bulk messages can be sent on national and international mobile networks as long as the bulk messaging software provider sends internationally.

Types of Bulk SMS?

There are mainly 2 types of Bulk SMS :

1 Transactional Bulk SMS

1. Transactional Bulk SMS:- It is sending different SMS updates, alerts, messages to different customers. These SMS convey urgent or vital information to both DND and non DND customers.

2. Transactional bulk sms assist in sending the large number of sms on a single click. These contain text which communicates details about a transaction, service, product, that which has been solicited by a user. The transactional bulk sms gateway taken from best bulk sms provider in India is surely going to turn as a trump card for users.

3. It can be used to communicate with the clients for sending different SMS updates as well as alerts. Transactional routes are also used for sending OTPs as well as alerts to the registered users and these types of SMS can be of high-speed delivery.

Below are the Transactional Bulk SMS Specific Features:

1. Delivery to DND numbers:- Transactional bulk sms are characterised by this attribute. This implies that even if the user has set Do Not Disturb Service on his phone, sms can be delivered to the numbers.

2. one click you can send sms N number of customers Examples : Order confirmation SMS, OTP SMS , payments alert

3. provied you to send sms any time 24 x 7 to your coustomer and get instant deliverability.

2 Promotional Bulk SMS

1. Promotional Bulk SMS:- Promotional messaging, or “promos” are messages sent with the intent to sell, upsell, or advertise a product, business, or service.

2. Every business and organisation uses promotional SMS to deliver personalised marketing and advertising SMSs to its clients. By connecting with the target audience, businesses may market their services while also creating client interest.

3. A promotional SMS gateway is used to send out mass sales and marketing text messages in order to promote a company's brand, products, and services. Examples of typical promotional bulk SMS include:

  • Sales instore and online
  • Discount code to be used online or in-store
  • Special offers e.g. buy one get one half price, in-store only

Below are the promotional Bulk SMS Specific Features:

1. promotional sms service helps you to increase your customers easily and effectively. Boost your client’s experience. And promote your product in the market, as a fast user-friendly and cost-effective. To send your Promotional SMS there will be a time limit. send Promotional SMS between 9 a.m to 9 p.m.

2. Send SMS Non DND Numbers:-one click you can send sms N number of customers SMS will get delivered to Non DND numbers only.

3. Promotional sms between 9 AM to 9 PM only to your coustomer According to TRAI Rules.

How to Send BULK SMS ?

How to check SMS Delivery Report ?

How to send SMS Using API?

1. Kindly find your unique 19 digit Entity Id on your registered DLT portal, you receive this Entity Id upon DLT registration.
Jio DLT platform

2. First you have to login On JIO platform after login On top left corner you can see your PE ID or Entity id.

Kindly find your unique 19 digit Entity Id on your registered DLT portal, you receive this Entity Id upon DLT registration.
Smart Ping fined your PE ID or Entity id or Registration ID: